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I know! I know?!! What's the deal, you say. What happened to her? Well, at least I have this fantasy that someone actually reads this and is wondering that...

I have guests right now and have been diverted from regular posting to hang out and take some local trips. Nothing major but my mom and sister take priority over silly things like... blogs.

But while everyone was watching a movie, though, I sat and did another step on my mystery project.

So the other thing I wanted to mention before I was off to be with family was to let you know that we did finish the murphy bed. And when I say "we" I mean my husband. I had no physical interaction with the build of the project - not even the paint. But I will post more on that later. Just let me dream that you're sitting on the edge of your seat just aching to see the finished product. I can dream, right? Right? See you soon!