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It was time to "pertify" my house with the latest craze - a wreath. 
And not just any wreath but a BURLAP wreath. 
Okay, so I'm overdoing it a tad...

I have been admiring so many of these wreaths in about every combination possible. So here's my input. Here is one of my favorites from Sweet Passions on a Thrifty Dime. And it even had the right initial.

I gathered together some burlap that I got for cheap a long time ago and picked up some floral pins at Hobby Lobby.

Then I cut some 4 inch squares. I don't know how many it took to fill the wreath in the end... I guess I should have counted. The squares don't have to be perfect or exact. And I saw some tutorials that had the corners rounded. Me? I just wanted instant gratification and omitted any extra step.

 I did a half and half kinda scheme and alternated them. This first way was simply poking the floral pin in the middle of the square...

...and then bunching it up.

The second method was to fold a square in half matching the points together (as shown) and then...

... bringing the outside corners to the pins and hooking them onto it creating a bubble kinda looking thing. (yeah, I'm all about the technical side of explanations...)

Then lay your wreath flat on the table, pin your burlap bunches and bubbles alternately about an inch or so apart on the top. Then continue the inside and outside of the ring. When I was finished I went back and filled in any gap that was showing the straw wreath. The bunches and bubbles seam to give it an extra element of texture and fullness.

I have one more personalization that I am working on so I will be back with a little embellishment in a few days. Stay tuned, okay?