I noticed that I don't fry a lot of things for meals. Not because I'm being purposefully healthy but because it's a mess and I always have a bit of a crisis in making sure none of the grease at clean up goes down the drain. But my husband always says, "Anything is better fried."

Anyway, I had a few sweet potatoes and thought I'd make a mess. Here comes the slicing mandolin - no, I did not get these lovely, thin, uniform slices with my knife skills.

And then the real mess begins... the hot oil... I used vegetable oil because it has a higher temp capability without burning. I didn't know this was the case with oils - I just thought oil was oil. In days past I would have just used my EVOO and thought that fried "whatever" tasted bad. Now I know. And my arteries are wincing at this discovery.

Just a little pinch of salt and I'm slappin' hands so we would have some with our dinner! Mmmmmm!