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Our buddy at church graduated this year. We were happy for him and wanted to do something a little more than just cash and a card. So, I made him a mini photo album... and, yes, included the cash! Every grad needs the cash, right?? I made it with the same die cut items as this post. This is the cover.

The photo on the left is our grad just before getting all robed up! And the beaming proud parents on the bottom left.

The grad's parents took a photo of the program that had all the names listed and the arrow pointed to our grad. Again, the parents were busting at the seams with pride for their grad!

I used my Cricut to make the cover and this "you did it" die cuts. I had misplaced the power cord and didn't use it for nearly two years because of that fact. I was SO excited to use it again! The people with the grad on the right are his great grandparents.

And here he is with his aunt and cousins on the left. And the right is with his sweetie.

This is the back and is when he arrived home as the GRADUAT*ED* dude!!