I just hate throwing away scraps of fabric. I can't seem to determine what is savable and what is tossable? This project helped me distinguish the difference and in the end I was pleased to have created something useful!
  • Cut two (2) pieces of fabric into 2 by 7 inch strips. I used two different, coordinating fabrics together.
  • Cut two (2) pieces of light weight fusible interfacing into 2 by 7 inche strips.
  • Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of both pieces of fabric according to the manufacturer's directions.
  • Sew wrong sides together at 1/4 inch along both long sides and one short side. (We're going to leave the one end open for the ribbon - that step will follow...)
  • Get out your pinking sheers and trim along all four edges.
  • Now pick out some cool ribbon or whatever you have and insert it into that opening you left. Give it a stitch across the top to secure the ribbon (or whatever cool, creative thing you found in your scrap pile).

There you have it!