My viking costume adventure has continued to the last minute (because that's they way I work... always waiting until the final countdown). And since my time is up here are the final touches on "Hiccup".

My hubby did not get the opportunity to do the dragon artwork for the helmet so I went for it. Not bad... not great either, but I generated something from some other pictures I found and I think it at least can not be mistaken for a bunny or a unicorn or anything else un-viking like. After the helmet project I almost feel like I could do most anything with duct tape and a Sharpie pen!

The shirt used to be mine and it was the right color according to the movie and I wasn't really going to miss it so I donated it to the cause. I put some grommets in the top with my Crop-O-Dile and laced it up with some leather jewelry cording.

Huccup had on a fur vest but Walmart had a couple of brown towels that I found and figured that I wouldn't be able to find faux fur for $5 (say that 10 times fast - ha!) so when tonight is over it will turn into a shower robe. How's that for recycling?!

Now for all this work he has to submit to me some of his haul tonight. Thay all do. The advantages of a large family - more candy. ROFL.