Well, hello again!! I found this cute little project yesterday and thought that this would be a fun thing to do for my Community Bible Study class tomorrow. There are so many ways to dolls these babies up and here's my attempt...

So, first I headed to the Dollar Store and got a package of 18 plastic eggs. Gotta love the Dollar Store... And these ones were attached by this little tab of plastic. Handy, but for this project - not.  

So I got one of the MILLION fingernail trimmers that we own (what is up with this house and the plethora of finger/toenail trimmers???) and tidied up the little hangy-outty thingies - sorry to use such a technical term.

Using the one of the halves, I got a 3/4" button and glued it to the bottom of the egg half with E6000. I don't know if that is a little overkill on the adhesive. I just used what I had. And the fact that the button had a concave center on one side was rather advantageous.

Then I got my Sharpies out and started drawing little designs from swirls, to hearts, to butterflies, to flowers... you know... whatever you would doodle... I noticed that if I tried to draw where my finger were that the Sharpie didn't take as well. I had just made a batch of bread and I think the olive oil was not *entirely* off my hands. Good for moisturizing my skin but obviously not for crafting.

I really enjoy messing with my paper punches so I used some of my pretty papers and punched the butterfly shape for the "holder" part of the cup and then put an extra base using the flower and scallop shapes. Again, attaching with my E6000.

So, there they are! Cute, huh??