The standard in my routine is to mill my wheat and make loaves of whole wheat yumminess for the family. I started out with making a couple of loaves at a time and have gone to FOUR now to accommodate the increased consumption. But I would like to branch out with more breads.  We use tortillas a lot so that seems like a good place to start, right?


At least with the recipe that I had... It's not that they tasted bad but they were crispy and leathery at the same time - not at all pliable to make a burrito.

So, this batch went to an impromptu, made up concoction that turned out quite tasty!?

Pesto Chicken Pizzas

Spread pesto (I used my homemade goodness created with my husband's home grown fresh garden basil last summer) on the tortilla. 

Sprinkle chicken on that.

Put a few onions on next.

Slice some tomatoes kinda thin and layer them on next.

Then cheese... my husband doesn't ever like to skip cheese.

I sprinkled a little parsley flakes on top of the cheese to make it look "pretty".

Yeah. They were good. The leftover whole wheat tortillas? Not so much.