My husband bought me a set of metal stamping letters for my birthday. Wow! I was so jazzed! I had been eyeing several kits for some time but just before I committed to anything he found a starter set while we were on vacation in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains. I had some of these apple charms left over from my angel pins days and thought they were flat enough to try.

What I like about this handmade craft is that it looks handmade. Granted this is my first attempt so it's going to look like a rookie did it but, hey, don't tell anyone... I might just find some way to stamp *everything*!!!!


Marytoo said...

I wanted to write a little comment about these cute little apples before, but there was no comment button. Now there's a comment button, but I forgot what I wanted to say. :-P

Marytoo said...

So I just thought I could comment.