Yes, it's coming along. No thanks to me. I was out running some errands and came home to Kurt attacking the paint job. Wow.

I was on the hunt for bedding for the new bed that would match the room but I just don't have the funds to get something super fancy. I wound up at Walmart and settled for something that will do the job. Yeah, I know it's not something that I will see all the time but there is a little part of me that wants my guests to feel like they were *expected*. It always feels nice to be treated special doesn't it??

Kurt called it a night earlier than last night and this is the accomplishment. Whew! He's the man.


Scraperwannabe said...

Yes, he is the man. It looks like it's going to be very nice.

Erin said...

We're building the same one, and we're at the same stage! However, we're having a problem: the "bed" part is about 3/4 inch too tall for the frame. And we're also confused about how the hinges work. I'd definitely be open to your sage advice :)

Anji said...

Erin, we had to trim that much off - at least. And with the addition of our hinges we may have to fine tune it with a sander. And the other consideration is the trim that is added. Ana is very appreciative of these details so I will let her know. We used MDF - did you use plywood? I think the MDF was a little thicker and we figured it was going to require some finagling. Hope this helps... although I don't know about "sage" - ha ha.