I think it was in 1988 or 89 that I bought my machine at the Clark County Fair (Washington), of all places. Talk about an impulse buy... Anyway, I made a jumper right off the bat (the body length was too short and was a teensy bit uncomfortable to wear) and made some stuffed rabbits. Then it was put away until a wonderfully talented quilter came into my life and offered to tutor some of us young (at the time) girls at church. So, after that venture it was put into retirement again... while the last four of my five children were added to our quiver. {makes ya tired just reading it, huh?} Until three weeks ago my machine has sat in the garage neglected and nearly forgotten until I came across these on a blog and just couldn't resist!

It's called the Margaret purse and I found the pattern and instructions here.

That went so well and I found an even *easier* pattern and went for it again, and would ya know it, but I like this one a little better. I need to make some minor personalization to it; interior organizing doo-hickies like pockets and cell phone spot.

This is a rag purse and I loosely used the pattern from here. I made some minor changes to the bag to accommodate what I had on hand and made a little more substantial reinforcements to the handles.

I think my next rag purse will be a little smaller. Instead of a nine patch face, I think I'll do the six patch. I already bought some cute fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday and I have since purchased the Big Shot to do my cutting from me! I do know of two people who are going to provide homes for them, but I think I will do a Crazy Blessing and surprise someone too.